There is no such thing as ‘Loyalty’ anymore!

Loyalty is an outdated concept hijacked to describe the control of an asset through self interest – that asset is you. How are you going to respond?

We revere people for being ‘Loyal’ but what we are actually doing is being pleased with ourselves for controlling an asset we didn’t want to lose.

When people are not useful to us anymore we let them go and don’t show any loyalty to them. We kid ourselves that we are being loyal if someone makes a mistake and we stand by them. This is not the case; it just means that the persons worth to us is greater than the error they have made.

As an individual there is no point being loyal in a work situation as it will never be truly reciprocated:

• If you are offered more money, take it
• If you are offered better prospects, take them

Don’t stick around out of an unfounded sense of loyalty. It only exists because you are good enough to be useful.

Let’s use a football an analogy and the Arsene Wenger situation; he has been offered all the top jobs in Europe and is one of the most successful managers in England. If he had left after the invincibles season there would have been an outrage about his lack of loyalty but now the vocal contingent of the Arsenal fans want Wenger gone, because he is no longer useful to them. However, in the same breath, the players they want to keep; Sanchez and Ozil etc. being at the peak of their powers would face a backlash if they said they did not want to play for the club anymore.

If you are accused of being disloyal it’s a compliment because they are afraid of losing you and if they haven’t told you this before and rewarded you for it; you have been seriously undervalued. It also means you are at the peak of your powers and shows the time is right for you to progress to something bigger and better.

At the end of the day you need to make the right decisions for you and the decisions that will ultimately make you happy.

This all sounds negative but it’s really not, as long as you accept it for what it is and don’t take it personally. It is, what it is. Use it to your advantage.

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