Whether you are going for an interview, moving roles internally or just want to take a fresh approach to revamp your current department – this is a failsafe and FREE template. Just copy and paste into your preferred presentation template:

Slide 1:
Title – My Mission

Write yourself a ‘Mission Statement’.

Make it bespoke to you but more importantly tailor it to the job you are applying for, ensuring you incorporate any key words or phrases used in the company slogans / job descriptions etc.

Slide 2:

• What, How and Why?
• What you do?
• How you do it?
• Why you do it that way?

Slide 3:
Title – Month 1
• Meet the team – build relationships
• Study the current processes
• Spend time with the teams observing BAU working practices and procedures
• Engage with Key Stakeholders – who do I need to know and what do they do?

Slide 4:
Title – Month 1
• Map gaps in any existing processes
• Understand current issues / gripes / irritations / bugs
• Have lots of discussions about what we are currently doing well and highlight what we should ‘keep doing’

Slide 5:
Title – Month 1
• What are the ‘threats’ and ‘opportunities’
• Start to understand and enhance measurements and controls
• Establish an operating rhythm – structure, style and frequency of communication across all levels
• Start making obvious tweaks to any quick wins identified in the existing processes

Slide 6:
Title – Month 2
• Consolidate and use everything I have learnt
• With an understanding of the key risks; develop a measurement of what success looks like
• Break down tasks into what is achievable by effort required and what contributes most to our overall goal

Slide 7:
Title – Month 2
• Further enhancement of controls
• Embedded SLA’s, Targets and Objectives
• Implement minor new process changes
• Agree and scope longer term projects

Slide 8:
Title – Month 3
• Operate as an established Leader
• Demonstrate control
• Implementation of improvements
• Consolidate the Customer Journey
• Management of ongoing projects to delivery

Slide 9:
Title – KNOW
• What, How and Why!