The ‘2 minute’ Persuasion Presentation Masterclass

When you want to persuade someone to make a decision never ever go into a conversation without fully doing your research. Always explain your position with the reasons for doing something and the consequences of not doing it. This simple formula will allow you to present your ideas quickly and clearly:

1. ISSUE – outline the problem

Keep it snappy 3-5 bullet points of what the problem is that you want to address.

Why is it a problem and who / what is it affecting.

2. RISK – detail the impact

Layout what the risk of not addressing the problem is e.g.

• Regulatory
• Monetary
• Customer Experience
• Or a combination of several

Create the required urgency to drive a decision.

3. RESOLUTION – detail the solution

Always give three possibilities and stipulate your preference.

Giving multiple options shows you have thought through the potential solutions and not just gone for the first option you stumbled upon.

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