I’m back…

I’ve not written for a little while, not because I haven’t had time but because I couldn’t be bothered. I decided to focus on other things; I have had a side project on the go, I’ve had a lot on in my day job, I’ve got a puppy, been spending time with the family and been training for a marathon.

It’s easy to say I don’t have time to do something but the truth is, if I want to do it I will, if I don’t, I won’t.

Sometimes watching Game of Thrones is more important than working, sometimes going out for dinner with the family is more important than working, sometimes having a walk with the dog is more important than working, sometimes having a nap is more important than working. Actually scrap that – all these things are always more important than working if they make you happy.

I’m at an age now that I am comfortable with who I am and content with my life. If things don’t fit in the box of, is this going to make me or my loved ones happy, then I won’t do it.

So that’s the reason I’ve had time off writing; my book was released, it exceeded my expectations in terms of sales and it was chugging along nicely. I was content that I had achieved what I set out to achieve and even exceeded my own expectations. This meant I could move on and do some other things. But the fact of the matter is I do enjoy writing, creating and sharing, and recently I have started noting down ideas for topics to write about and started feeling the bug again.
Side project complete (more on that at a later date), marathon run and a gap I needed to fill, hence I have naturally gravitated back to the writing.

My point of telling you this is that you can plan and prioritise all you want if you have an idea or want to start a side project but at the end of the day the amount of time you have to do something is not important, the only thing that’s important is how much you want to do it. Never complain you don’t have enough time, just be true to yourself and admit you don’t want to do it enough to be bothered to make the time.

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